Drift away with me.

Drift away with me… Where the horizon meets no end, where the sun never sets. For i no longer yearn the Earths offerings, but have set my heart to crave an existence beyond the shields that drown out your voice, and set apart reality from my dreams. I do not know of the destination i … More Drift away with me.

yours truly.

You may be able to live in a world where routine steal your days and surviving hide your dreams and desires. Me? I cannot stay immobile. My mind won’t let living escape my true destination. To live, for I, is to plant my world deep in imagination with reality my last resort. A distraction for … More yours truly.


Days. Pass us by. Firm in wilderness. Calm at oceans set apart. Set by hands that tick the moments away. Humans. left to wonder where the days have gone. Ruffled by night. Woken by beaming rays of light. In the distance, you over there! Ignore the outside noise and be the girl you had once … More Her.

Golden teared human

I made plans. But plans always change. It’s inevitable. So here is how my day went…. You called me in and though you didn’t say why, I knew something was wrong. You know me well enough to know that I will never take a conversation seriously, for “Rona’s wit and sarcasm” belongs in every aspect … More Golden teared human

watch this space!

What a big step to take. This whole writing a blog thing, but i’ve been procrastinating the thought of it some time now. I’m finally proud to say, i’ve actually done it (created a page of whatever this will be at least). Do not ask what my blog will be about, for at the moment, … More watch this space!