How do you see the world?

Such beauty that lies all around us.

When the world comes into mind; I think of the statue of Jesus wrapping Rio de Janeiro in his arms and overlooking mother natures exotic beauty, old-established buildings with stories to tell, pathways that carve the memories of the past, the land ever so beautiful intertwining the scent of those who came before us to those who are here today and those that are yet to come.

I imagine the Eiffel tower standing his ground among Paris’ content reputation though only seems to be growing with time, growing with its people.

The warmth of the Air embracing spirits of the French, Europeans, Americans and many more.

To the busy American lifestyle with spotlights grabbing attention and fame, only ever turning off to make a few seconds of impact, allowing dramatic entrances to trigger the next explosive moment which creates Americas extraordinary history.

Pictures of beaches with model like humans swarming around, creating chaos beneath the suns rays.

Chaos such as the Australian spirit where the smell of finely cooked BBQ scatters the bays location, inviting all to grab a dripping cooled beer that vanishes under the heat, absorbed by thirst sucking humans.

How about the ancient ruins of Europe’s beloved past that creates many of their unexplained and most certainly out of this world markings they have made. From their homes to their streets, to the waters that stream in between and among its hidden lands perfectly goes hand in hand with the beautifully built Europe.

Speaking of waters; islands of Samoa, Tonga, Hawaii aside many more are fortunate enough to be blessed with the calming blue seas that run deep yet never run out. It’s overflowing presence greets the islands that were descended to show off the blossoming of flowers, the acres of trees and leaves that whisper life to all the living and grant their people pure admiration of their surroundings.

Have you ever imagined the deserted lands of Africa? Filled with captivating wildlife that brings excitement and fear to all who dear cross paths with Africa’s impeccable offerings.

The world holds beauty.

Is beauty.

Though none other beats the peaceful tranquilizing effects New Zealand holds on the human race. From pure clean waters to green well nurtured lands and a history that not only serves respect to the war before but also in debt does the present tense hold on its future for all the promising wonders proclaimed.

OK so maybe that’s a bit bias but the world to I is nothing but raw beauty waiting to be discovered for it holds together the stories of the untold alongside shouting out the unpleasantly intriguing truths of the lands we rest upon.

The world declares beauty that no other could possibly even imagine.

So tell me, how do you see the world?

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