Dare to try new things!

When you look around and see no passion or excitement lit on the face of your day to day life, MOVE! Your comfort zone is meant to be challenged so i dare you to try something new. Not only will you gain life experiences and carve another story to your journey, but you will find yourself growing.

Your character will learn to;

  • Adapt
  • Change

& persist in continuiously bloom.

Bury yourself in bliss joy and happiness that no matter what rocks your ground, your feet are firm. However do not stay there for long; other challenges await you.

The past week has brought about many challenges that have been lessons in which i am still trying to process. I’ve realised where I have flawed in step and where I gained in achievement. None that I let get to my head, but consider in depth and am still placing in practise with how I act and what I say.

Stepping out of my comfort zone I accepted the challenge to socially get involved with circumstances that shook my grounding but opened up a door of opportunities.

I do not wish to benefit from the selfless acts I do; other than the pure happiness I receive in seeing the smiles that fill the tiny wee emptiness that unfortunately drag our hopes and beings down. It happens. If not often, rare as it may visit you, it happens. Where we sit in content and let comfort wash over us and out into the oceans, only to return and find us still waiting at the shores.

The experinces that I have gratefully been granted add meaning and value to how I perceive my individuality within this world.

How is it that I can make changes upon myself and not expect those changes to be reflected in this world? It is not realistic or is it acceptable. A good friend once said “be the change you wish to see”, so I hereby declare a journey of imperfectly perfect decisions and hardwork in turning theory into practical.

Do not stay unhappy in your stance.

Do not stay content in your comfort zone.

Challenge yourself and try new things that will push you beyond your boundaries and watch yourself grow.

Embrace it and love it.

Keep learning on your way!


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